Colosseum New Unit Breakdown!

Wed 14th Oct 2015 - 9:46am : OPTC


Lucky Roo

★3 - 4 PSY Freedom Shooter Type

Cost : 20 

Max Level: 70

★3 Captain Skill: Boosts ATK and RCV of PSY characters by 1.5x

★4 Captain Skill: Boosts ATK and RCV of PSY characters by 1.75x

Special Skill : Recovers 5,000 HP, deals 15x character's ATK in PSY damage to one enemy, seals himself for 3 turns

Skill Cooldown: 20  → ?


Finally a red hair pirate! Technically, the 1st was Benn Beckman but he is only usable in the tutorial. This makes Roo the 1st obtainable crew member. He is an alt for Brook v1 who heals 4343 which you can use in a Hybrid QCK/PSY Team like Boa/Marco. The difference is Brook v1 reduce incoming damage for 2 turns & Roo deal 15x of his ATK in Psy damage to one unit. Downside is that you will be Sealed for 3 turns. *Will lock socket ability unseal him? This we are investigating*

Walkthrough Stage 




Rebecca Colosseum's Exclusive Gladiator

★4 - 5 QCK Sticker Type

Cost : 30 

Max Level: 99

★4 Captain Skill: reduce 20% incoming damage

★5 Captain Skill: reduce 25% incoming damage  

Special Skill : Deals several times the character's ATK in QCK damage to one enemy, changes own orb into QCK

Skill Cooldown: 26 → 16


The 2nd Limited Edition Unit that is finally available for players out there. 

UNIT Rebecca Limited Edition Rebecca Colosseum
Type Slasher Striker
Skill AOE Multiple of 150x

Single Target Multiple of 125

changes own orb into QCK


HP 1525

ATK 707

RCV 345


HP 1964

ATK 854

RCV 375



18 - 30


26 (Max 16)
Special at Max Level



Colosseum Rebecca is a Striker version which make her more suitable for Striker Teams and not just Speed Teams.

Rebecca's Special is similiar to that of her prevous version. That means she works wells in a Suicide Squad Team which revolves around using Specials that drops your health drastically, in exchange for massive nuke damage. In the case of Rebecca, She pairs well with her old pal Killer which is a Striker unit too that will cut your health till it's left with 1HP and deal 100x Attack. Once your health is low, you can hit extremely hard with Rebecca's special. It kind of feels like she was made for Killer due to her change in type.

Secondly, Orb Boost is not really a problem as she will turn her own orbs of QCK. 

Comparing her side by side with her Limited Edition version, she has a lower cooldown but her Special is not AOE like the LE version. 

Walkthrough Stage

Mad Monk Urouge, Captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates

★4 - 5 STR Striker Fighter Type

Cost : 40 

Max Level: 99

★4 Captain Skill: Boosts ATK of all characters by 2x if HP is below 30% at the start of the turn

★5 Captain Skill: Boosts ATK of all characters by 2.5x if HP is below 30% at the start of the turn

Special Skill : Boosts his own ATK for 1 turn depend on your Health above 50% HP, the multiplier used is 1.5x; between 20% HP and 50% HP, it's 1.75x; below 20% HP, it's 2x.

Skill Cooldown: 19 → 7


Can't get Whitebeard in Sugofest? Then no worries because this guy serves as a mini Whitebeard. Colosseum Urouge is also the first ever unit who is Striker & Figher type. 

Comparing him to his oppsite PSY Version, who is more tanky as he boost HP but limited to Striker units, this version can be used to form a Rainbow team. Just keep in mind to watch out for your Health.

Urouge's Special only boosts himself, but you can't stack with the others attack boost. That does not mean his special is useless. Try useing an attack boost that last one turn and pair that with an Orbs Boost that boost for 2 turns booster like Coby (Fighter) or Kaku (Striker). You can then use Urouge's special to make use of the second turn of the orbs boost. 

 Walkthrough Stage



Borinquen Rodriguez

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