The Big Proposal Plan! Goddess

Mon 16th Nov 2015 - 9:01am : OPTC : Gaming

Condition: Slashers/Knowledge units only


807-808 3,4* Nami PSY/Striker/knowledge
809-810 3,4* Lola STR/Slasher/Tough
811 3* Risky Brothers DEX/Slasher/Freedom

Skill Books:

Decalvin brothers
Whitey bay
Kaku cp9.
Risky brothers
Thunderbolt Nami
Mirage tempo nami

Room 1:


Room 2:


Room 3:


Room 4:


Room 5:


Room 6: Lola room

She is always on a 2 turn attack cooldown and pre-emptively shuffles all your orbs to random orbs which can include bother orbs and empty slots when you enter.

Does 5298 Damage every attack

<20% she does 50% of your current hp and chains all Int. units for 2 turns


Room 7: The final room has 4 different forms that can show up that all do different things pre-emptively.

Nami does different damage based on how much health she has:

80%>x>100% - 3640 Damage

60%>x>80% - 4000 Damage

40%>x>60% - 6000 Damage

20%>x>40% - 8000 Damage

<20% - 10000 Damage

-Quick units specials silenced for 5 turns                     -Absolom blinds for 4 turns                                       -Absolom blinds for 3 turns

-Six turn debuff protector put up and all Quick

 units specials are silenced for 5 turns



Hidden Room: Risky Brothers

Pre-emptively silence your captain and chain a random unit.

- 2824 Damage

 Also if you have a spare Absolom sitting around you can use him to evolve Lola


Check out a video run through if you would like!



Marc Chaser

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