Fortnight - Tom's Workers (トムズワーカーズ)

Thu 3rd Dec 2015 - 6:10pm : OPTC

Just in time for the start of December, a new Fortnight has arrived which will last from the 1st to the 15th of the month! This time,
Bandai presents us with Tom’s Workers (トムズワーカーズ). Not only introduces the Fortnight everyone’s favorite shipwright Tom,
the builder and designer of the infamous Oro Jackson and Water 7’s Sea Train, but also his apprentices Iceburg (アイスバー) and
Cutty Flam (カティ・フラム), the younger self of Strawhat crewmember Franky.

Legendary Shipwright Tom
Unit No.: 847 - 848

★3-4  DEX Fighter/Tough Type
Cost : 12 - 20
Max Level: 99; Max HP: 2,207; Max ATK: 1,029; Max RCV: 299
★3 Captain: Boosts ATK of all characters by 1.5x if HP is below 30% at the start of the turn
★4 Captain: Boosts ATK of all characters by 2.0x if HP is below 30% at the start of the turn
Special : Sturdy Boat: Launch
Reduces Silence duration by 5 turns, boosts ATK of all characters by 5% for 3 turns, reduces damage received by 10%
for 3 turns, amplifies the effect of orbs by 1.15x for 3 turns, recovers 2x character's RCV in HP at the end of each turn for
3 turns
(Note: Orb amplification only affects matching and opposite orbs and works both ways: matching orbs will deal 1.15x more
damage and opposite orbs will deal 1.15x less damage)
Sockets: 1 - 2

Cooldown : 25 → 16


Cutty Flam
Unit No.: 849

★3 STR Shooter/Ambition
Cost : 13
Max Level: 70; Max HP: 924; Max ATK: 92; Max RCV: 139
★3 Captain: Boosts ATK of Shooter characters by 1.75x
Special : Battle Franky 9
Deals 5 hits of random STR damage to random enemies, reduces the defense of all enemies by 50% for 2 turns
Sockets: 2
Cooldown : 25 → 12


Unit No.: 850

★3 QCK Striker/KnowledgeType
Cost : 13
Max Level: 70; Max HP: 1,098; Max ATK: 694; Max RCV: 203
★3 Captain: Boosts ATK of Striker and Knowledge characters by 1.5x
Special : First-class Assistant of the Passionate Worker
Changes the top right orb into DEX, the middle right orb into STR and the bottom right orb into QCK, seals himself for
3 turns
Sockets: 2
Cooldown : 19 → 10




Marc Chaser

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