Captain's Guide - Buffalo, Donquixote Pirates (バッファロー )

Tue 5th Jan 2016 - 5:03pm : OPTC

With Buffalo, Bandai introduces a whole new type of Captain, which has the potential to surpass a lot of different teams. Buffalo
is an allrounder Unit. Not only does he make a great Substitue because of his stats, but his special is also designed for Orb-
Manipulation. The ♠-Units combatant also happens to have he highest Combo in the game which is 10 in his evolved ★5 form,
which goes in hand amazingly well with his Captains-Ability. 

Comparing the obtainable Attack Multiplication of a Double-Buffalo led team with other powerful team, it becomes apparent,
that the Guru-Guru-Human surpasses Teams led by 2.5x and 2.75x ATK boosting Captains.

A Team with a Double-2.5x-ATK-Boosting-Lead can accomplish a Perfect ATk-Multiplication of max. 66.625x
A Team with a Double-2.75x-ATK-Boosting-Lead can accomplish a Perfect ATk-Multiplication of max. 79.40625x
A Team with a Double-Buffalo-Lead can accomplish a Perfect ATK-Multiplication of max. 81.45x
A Team with a Double-Monkey D Luffy Gear 3-Lead can accomplish a Perfect ATK-Multiplication of max. 84.75x

Consequently, teams led by Double-Buffalo not only surpass the 2.5x ATK-Boosting Captains but also those, with a Boost of
2.75x. Buffalo is only outclassed by a Double-Monkey D Luffy Gear 3 led team.


Buffalo, Donquixote Pirates
Unit No.: 845 / 46

★5  QCK Shooter / FreedomType
Cost : 30
Max Level: 99; Max HP: 2,769; Max ATK: 1,096; Max RCV: 296
Boosts ATK of all characters by 1.5x after the 11th hit in the chain, by 2.5x after the 22nd hit, by 2.75x after the 30th hit,
by 3.5x after the 40th hit
Gust: Matasaburo
Changes own orb into QCK, randomizes every other orb
Sockets: 4
Cooldown : 13 → ?

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Credit: The Yonkou



Marc Chaser

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